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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sample Puppy Training Session

Jack x Abby Puppy Profiles

Practice Stacks

Puppies In Birth Order

Crosby Blue Merle Male

Jasmine Black Tri Female

Adam Black Tri Male

Joel Black Tri Male

Zeek Blue Merle Male

Kristina Black Tri Female

Julia Black Tri Female

Camille Blue Merle Female

Moving a Herd of Puppies!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chubby Cubbies

One, possibly 2, of these Big Boys will be available after evaluations.
They are tracking to be Aussie Sized, possibly 50lbs mature, like their great grandpa who was a most famous Australian Shepherd that we fell in love with 7 years ago.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Jack x Abby 7 Week Headshots

What a great group of puppies and new families who get to bring them home soon!
All of these boys are on hold at this time, evaluations  begin next week.

These cute girls have been a lot of fun and are each their own little puppy self.  
* Jasmine sports a playful independence and will enjoy games that are 'her idea' which makes dog training a fun game for you too! ;)  
* Kristina is our bravest girl and remains upright and unphased by any new person, place, or thing.
* Julia is a cute lap lover, very content to cuddle.  She does enjoy playing too!
* Camille is a mix of all 3 of her sisters! lol She will play bow and invite me to engage in a game of keep away, yet when held nestles in around my neck and craves that closeness. She is also pretty brave in new locations, just a trot around and check it out kind of girl.
1-2 Black Tri Females will be available after evaluations which begin next week.

Friday, October 5, 2018

6 Week Photo Shoot for Bella's kids

These pups are definitely Pre SPOILED!  

George and his littermates quickly became the stars of our facebook and rightfully so.  When puppies are this chubby and cute they are absolutely irresistible!  Having a genetically calmer disposition than the other litter and being there is only 5 of them, they rarely have to wait their turn or fight for resources.  This has made them a little miffed now that puppy pre-K has started. lol
We are actually working with them on their accepting more frustration, especially separation, now to help the transition in the weeks to come.  

We 'may' have one boy available after family picks, but the girls are spoken for at this time.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Abby's kids are GROWING Fast!!

What a BIG change these pups made!  
They are eating and exercising well and it shows!  Pups now have unrestricted access out their doggie door.  They rarely have and accident inside, but when confined have learned to use a litter box with wood pellets or potty grass mats.  More structured individual play/training sessions are in order from here on out.
We are so excited to meet some of their families this weekend, this is a friendly bunch of pups for sure. :)
 1-2 Black Tri Females are available for deposit
Male Availability still TBA

Joel is a Black Tri Male weighing 4lbs 9oz @ 6 weeks old

Adam is a Black Tri Male weighing 3lbs 9oz @ 6 weeks old

Crosby is a Blue Merle Male weighing 4lbs @ 6 weeks old

Zeek is a Blue Merle Male weighing 3lbs 11oz @ 6 weeks old

Jasmine is a Black Tri Female weighing 3lbs 9oz @ 6 weeks old

Julia is a Black Tri Female weighing 3lbs 2oz @ 6 weeks old

Kristina is a Black Tri Female weighing 3lbs 12oz @ 6 weeks old

Camille is a Blue Merle Female weighing 5lbs 2oz @ 6 weeks old