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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mercedes is now available

Colorado is now available

Available Black Tri Male

{Available Black Tri Male} Dakota is such an awesome puppy! He is so easy to work with, very willing, and sweet natured just like his mom Bella. Dakota has become available due to his size. He is predicted to be taller than our breed standard allow, over 18" when full grown and most likely close to 40lbs. Please pm or email us for further details. He is up to date on vaccinations and has had his well puppy visit. Thank you for your consideration. 
Parents OFA good/excellent hips, normal elbows, and passing eyes. Both parents full pawprintgenetics DNA panels clear for all.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ashley's 6 Week Olds

OH Baby We Are HOT here in Ellensburg!
All the puppies are expressing their opinions about this.  The heat sure doesn't keep them from growing though!
Pups are learning to walk with me around the yard to get from the house to their playpen and other independent type activities.
We are separating to eat now in crates and getting ready for some short car rides.
All Ashley's puppies are sold or on hold for 8 week evaluations.

6 Week Weights
Top Left Moving Clockwise
Nilla ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs 10oz
Duncan ~ Red Merle Male ~ 4lbs 15oz
Oreo ~ Black Tri Female ~ 4lbs 8oz
Keebler ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 4lbs 5oz
Fig ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 5lbs 6oz
Moonpie ~ Black Tri Female ~ 4lbs 8oz
Fudge ~ Red Tri Male ~ 4lbs 13oz
Sugar ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 4lbs 15oz

Monday, July 3, 2017

Bella's 6 Week Litter Picture

Puppies have had a busy few days and are having fun with their new routines including lot's of 'by myself' activities which is so fun! 

Being one on one with pups opens up a whole new relationship for us and helps us learn how to best communicate with them.

Toyota, Ram, & Dakota are still Available for deposit at this time.

Bently ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 15oz
Toyota ~ Red Tri Male ~ 4lbs 2oz
Colorado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 4lbs 12oz
Mercedes ~ Red Tri Female ~ 4lbs 6oz
Silverado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 4lbs 2oz
Ram ~ Black Tri Male ~ 4lbs 1oz
Dakota ~ Black Tri Male ~ 4lbs 12oz
Mustang ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 5lbs 4oz

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bella & Ashley's 5 Week Litter Pictures

Aren't They CUTE!!
The puppies are explorers.  They are doing very well on potty grass & learned how to use a doggie door this week!
Family visits are beginning and outside adventures too!

If you haven't filled out a puppy family application already, please do so.  That is the list I will work off of in placing these precious pups.

 Top Left Circling Clockwise:
Nilla ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 2lbs 11oz
Duncan ~ Red Merle Male ~ 3lbs 9 1/2oz
Oreo ~ Black Tri Female ~ 3lbs 5oz 
Keebler ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 7 1/2oz
Fig ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs 10 1/2oz
Moonpie ~ Black Tri Female ~ 3lbs 7 1/2oz
Fudge ~ Red Tri Male ~ 3lbs 15oz
Sugar ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs 14 1/2oz

Top Left Circling Clockwise:
Bently ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 3oz @ 5 weeks
Toyota ~ Red Tri Male ~ 3lbs 5oz @ 5 weeks
Colorado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 12oz @ 5 weeks
Mercedes ~ Red Tri Female ~ 3lbs 8oz @ 5 weeks
Silverado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 6oz @ 5 weeks
Ram ~ Black Tri Male ~ 3lbs 5 1/2oz @ 5 weeks
Dakota ~ Black Tri Male ~
3lbs 10 1/2oz @ 5 weeks
Mustang ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 4lbs @ 5 weeks

4 Tri Boys Still Looking to be someone's #1!





Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bella's 5 Week Old Puppies At Play

Each day there are a few new things added to the playpen and today's favorite was the new dog bed! They are really starting to use the potty grass well now as you can see, and the Kong crinkle kitty tunnel is still a Huge hit like we expected. We are enjoying every minute of these babies and are excited for the new families to visit soon! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ashley's crew at 4 weeks

These babies are really getting to be a hoot!
They were practicing 'giving attitude' for my request of sitting still. (Keebler!)
From here on out it really gets tough to pose.  By next week we should be able to catch some outdoor shots with the zoom.  
Fudge is still looking to be someone's Top Pick! ;)

Nilla ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 2lbs 2 1/2oz
Duncan ~ Red Merle Male ~ 2lbs 12oz
Oreo ~ Black Tri Female ~ 2lb 13 1/2oz
Keebler ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 2lbs 15oz
Fig ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs 1oz
Moonpie ~ Black Tri Female ~ 2lbs 13oz
Fudge ~ Red Tri Male ~ 3lbs 1oz
Sugar ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs

Ashley's 4 week old Babes at Play (Puppy Cam LONG)

These long videos are designed for waiting puppy families to get to see their puppies and for folks considering Wiggle Rump to check out our rearing practices. At 4 weeks we expand the size of the puppies play area. It is an absolute blast to watch them practice their locomotion and puppy antics. We follow the puppy rearing timeline at . Our website is . We have a Facebook page and Instagram account as Wiggle Rump Ranch Minis. Thanks for watching!

Bella's 4 week Puppies at Play (Puppy Cam LONG)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

4 Week Old Bella Kids!

This week's photo shoot was TOUGH! They don't want to sit still and cannot understand why running to me isn't the best option. They are adorable none the less! We have 2 tri male deposit openings on this litter at this time. Puppies weigh between 2lb 11oz - 3lb 4oz, still pretty uniform. 
Bently ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 2lbs 11oz
Toyota ~ Red Tri Male ~ 2lbs 12 1/2oz
Colorado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 2oz
Mercedes ~ Red Tri Female ~ 3lbs
Silverado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 2lbs 14oz
Ram ~ Black Tri Male ~ 2lbs 14oz
Dakota ~ Black Tri Male ~ 3lbs 3oz
Mustang ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 4oz