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Monday, June 15, 2020

Beckham x Zoo Me 7 weeks old

Proud Breeder Moment!
I love each and every one of these puppies and I am so proud to call them 
Wiggle Rumps!
I am working through my list of Reservation Families and any additional availability will be posted here.
Thank you for watching them grow with us!

Simba ~ Red Merle Male
6lbs 8oz @ 7 weeks old


Pumbaa ~ Black Tri Male
7lbs 11oz @ 7 weeks old


Nala ~ Black Tri Female
5lb 9oz @ 7 weeks old


Shenzi ~ Black Tri Female
6lbs @ 7 weeks old


Sarabi ~ Black Tri Female
4lbs 11oz @ 7 weeks old


Timone ~ Black Tri Male
5lbs 3oz @ 7 weeks old


Sarafina ~ Blue Merle Female
5lbs 8oz @ 7 weeks old

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Piper's Puppy Cam

Extra video just because! AKC Miniature American Shepherds

Beckham x Zoo Me's Outdoor Explorers

Much needed outside time happened this week, despite the unpredictable weather. Puppies are doggie door pros thanks to their cottage that accesses their playyard.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Piper's Goslings at 5 weeks old

These happy energetic pups weren't too sure what to think about the WIND we are having, boy has this weather been crazy!  If you could feel the bellies on these pups you would giggle.  Piper just today said, "NO" for the first time so I suspect we will see them trim up a bit as they gain better footing and have bigger play places. 

Puppies are On Hold until our Reservation Families make their selections.
All Inquiries should start here:

3lbs 8oz @ 5 week old


3lbs 15oz @ 5 weeks old


4lbs 2oz @ 5 weeks old


4lbs @ 5 weeks old

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Beckham x Zoo Me Pups @ 6 weeks old

Look At These Puppies!
My goodness they are as active as they are adorable!
I let them outside in the yard for the first time today and they 'hit the ground running'!
I love allowing them these freedoms because they enjoy it so much.
I will be working on a video to share here on the blog so you can see what I mean.

*All puppies are On Hold for Reservation Families

Simba weighs 5lbs 3oz @ 6 weeks old

Pumbaa weighs 6lbs 3oz @ 6 weeks old

Nala weighs 4lbs 10oz @ 6 weeks old

Shenzi weighs 4lbs 11oz @ 6 weeks old

Sarabi weighs 3lbs 13oz @ 6 weeks old

Timon weighs 4lbs 4oz @ 6 weeks old

Sarafina weighs 4lbs 6oz @ 6 weeks old

To Inquire On a Future Litter, Visit Our Website:

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Video Recap 4-5 weeks old Zoo Me x Beckham Babies

Here is a video of the combined clips from social media this week!
All puppies on hold for our Reservation Families.
* visit our site to inquire on a future litter *

Monday, May 25, 2020

Zoo Me's Puppies are So CUTE

Beckham x Zoo Me Puppies are 4 weeks old
OH my lanta these puppies are getting So CUTE!
Everybody is still on hold at this time.
We are very excited in the weeks to come as their personalities will start to blossom!

Simba is a Red Merle Male
3lbs 2oz @ 4 weeks old

Pumbaa is a Black Tri Male
3lb 7oz @ 4 weeks old

Nala is a Black Tri Female
2lbs 12oz @ 4 weeks old

Shenzi is a Black Tri Female
3lb @ 4 weeks old

Sarabi is a Black Tri Female
2lb 10oz @ 4 weeks old

Timon is a Black Tri Male
2lbs 11oz @ 4 weeks old

Sarafina is a Blue Merle Female
2lbs 14oz @ 4 weeks old

Zoo Pups Week In Review Video

Here's a collection of the quick clips from social media this week. Recall work started, Social attraction is strong, and they are loving soaked kibble. Next week we'll get the taking reinforcement from hand on board then all the training fun can begin!