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Sunday, June 18, 2017

4 Week Old Bella Kids!

This week's photo shoot was TOUGH! They don't want to sit still and cannot understand why running to me isn't the best option. They are adorable none the less! We have 2 tri male deposit openings on this litter at this time. Puppies weigh between 2lb 11oz - 3lb 4oz, still pretty uniform. 
Bently ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 2lbs 11oz
Toyota ~ Red Tri Male ~ 2lbs 12 1/2oz
Colorado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 2oz
Mercedes ~ Red Tri Female ~ 3lbs
Silverado ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 2lbs 14oz
Ram ~ Black Tri Male ~ 2lbs 14oz
Dakota ~ Black Tri Male ~ 3lbs 3oz
Mustang ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 3lbs 4oz