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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ashley's crew at 4 weeks

These babies are really getting to be a hoot!
They were practicing 'giving attitude' for my request of sitting still. (Keebler!)
From here on out it really gets tough to pose.  By next week we should be able to catch some outdoor shots with the zoom.  
Fudge is still looking to be someone's Top Pick! ;)

Nilla ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 2lbs 2 1/2oz
Duncan ~ Red Merle Male ~ 2lbs 12oz
Oreo ~ Black Tri Female ~ 2lb 13 1/2oz
Keebler ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 2lbs 15oz
Fig ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs 1oz
Moonpie ~ Black Tri Female ~ 2lbs 13oz
Fudge ~ Red Tri Male ~ 3lbs 1oz
Sugar ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs