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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ashley's 6 Week Olds

OH Baby We Are HOT here in Ellensburg!
All the puppies are expressing their opinions about this.  The heat sure doesn't keep them from growing though!
Pups are learning to walk with me around the yard to get from the house to their playpen and other independent type activities.
We are separating to eat now in crates and getting ready for some short car rides.
All Ashley's puppies are sold or on hold for 8 week evaluations.

6 Week Weights
Top Left Moving Clockwise
Nilla ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 3lbs 10oz
Duncan ~ Red Merle Male ~ 4lbs 15oz
Oreo ~ Black Tri Female ~ 4lbs 8oz
Keebler ~ Blue Merle Male ~ 4lbs 5oz
Fig ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 5lbs 6oz
Moonpie ~ Black Tri Female ~ 4lbs 8oz
Fudge ~ Red Tri Male ~ 4lbs 13oz
Sugar ~ Blue Merle Female ~ 4lbs 15oz