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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Goose x Abby Pups @ 1 Week Old

Week one is full of eating, sleeping, and growing.  We do early neurological stimulation exercises with the puppies and a good share of just cuddling.  All the puppies are gaining weight, which is a great sign!  By next week we hope to see some eyes beginning to open and their birthweight doubled.

Gretchen is a beautiful dark red tri female with a thin white collar on her left side.

Chris is shiny black tri male with a thin white collar on his right side.

Garth is our only blue merle boy, easy to identify him. ;)

Shania is our tiny toot right now.  She is a blue merle female with a full white collar.

Dolly is a dark red tri female with a wide white blaze.

Trisha is a glossy black tri female with mismatched sock heights.

Martina is another dark red tri female and she has her thin white collar on the right.

Tim is a vibrant black tri boy with matching socks and a bit less collar & copper than Chris right now.

Patty is another shiny black tri female with just a bit of muzzle white & left collar.

We are still accepting deposits, but families must be open to sex/color.  Although we do not pick your puppy for you, we do everything we can to help facilitate the best matches.

We breed with temperament in mind first and foremost.
Be sure to read our breed standard to be sure that describes a pup/dog you are wanting and willing to love, raise, and train to live with you for many years to come!