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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Shooter x Piper 3 week cuties

A day late on pictures but BOY they are CUTE!
It is amazing how much development happens in 10 days at this age.  This litter is working on their startle/recovery which is easy to practice with the rowdy neighbor pups next to them! lol
They have been introduced to potty grass and pellets so they will be working on where to do their business before the big puppy plan pen experience.
We are still accepting companion puppy deposits.

Waylon is a Black Tri Male
2lbs 1oz @ 3 weeks old

Patsy is a Black Tri Female
1lb 7oz @ 3 weeks old

Hank is a Blue Merle Male
2lbs @ 3 weeks old

Loretta is a Black Tri Female
1lb 8oz @ 3 weeks old

LeAnn is a Black Tri Female
1lb 11oz @ 3 weeks old

Glen is a Black Tri Male
1lb 12oz @ 3 weeks old

Tanya is a Blue Merle Female
1lb 3oz @ 3 weeks old