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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

6 Weeks Of Cuteness!

Well folks it just doesn't get any cuter than 6 week old puppies!
This crew is enjoying bigger play spaces, learning to take treats, starting training sessions, and keeping us laughing at their high energy Zoomies!
Enjoy these morning captures of Cuteness :)
* Most of this litter is on HOLD for structure evaluation
* You can request to be on a wait list for HOLD puppies
* Glen is AVAILABLE at this time

Waylon is a Black Tri Male HOLD
4lbs 3oz @ 6 weeks old

Patsy is a Black Tri Female HOLD
2lbs 11oz @ 6 weeks old

Hank is a Blue Merle Male HOLD
3lbs 8oz @ 6 weeks old

Loretta is a Black Tri Female HOLD
3lbs 5oz @ 6 weeks old

LeAnn is a Black Tri Female SALE PENDING
3lbs 9oz @ 6 weeks old

Glenn is a Black Tri Male AVAILABLE
3lbs 13oz @ 6 week old

Tanya is a Blue Merle Female HOLD (wait list full)
2lbs 9oz @ 6 weeks old