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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Piper's Puppies at 5 weeks old

I just have to laugh at these puppies today. :)  So they have such a high social attraction with really no regard for heights and zero fear.  I was struggling with ideas on how to keep them still for the nano second it takes to hit the shutter on the camera, then I came up with the idea of my swinging bench in the front yard.  As they started to wiggle I would give it just enough of a tap to swing gently and they would pause as I took the shots. ;)
Everyone was sweet and forgave me quite quickly, Hank did hold out a little but I won him over in the end. 
LeAnn & Glen are the only puppies available from this litter at this time.

Waylon is a Black Tri Male
3lbs 3oz @ 5 weeks old

Patsy is a Black Try Female
2lbs 1oz @ 5 weeks old

Hank is a Blue Merle Male
2lbs 10oz @ 5 weeks old

Loretta is a Black Tri Female
2lbs 6oz @ 5 weeks old

LeAnn is a Black Tri Female
2lbs 12oz @ 5 weeks old

Glen is a Black Tri Male
2lbs 14oz @ 5 weeks old

Tanya is a Blue Merle Female
1lbs 15oz @ 5 weeks old