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Monday, September 24, 2018

5 Weeks for Abby's Jacklings!

OH my goodness these pups are ahead of the curve for us!
Taking treats, wet feet exploration, interactive toys, low climbing, carry toys, vacuum cleaner, classical music, eating dry kibble, using a litterbox....
All Mastered!
I am impressed and BUSY! lol

Crosby is 2lbs 9oz @ 5 weeks old

Jasmine is 2lbs 4oz @ 5 weeks old

Adam is 2lbs 2oz @ 5 weeks old

Joel is 3lbs @ 5 weeks old

Zeek is 2lbs 8oz @ 5 weeks old

Kristina is 2lbs 7oz @ 5 weeks old

Julia is 2lbs 3oz @ 5 weeks old

Camille is 3lbs 5oz @ 5 weeks old

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