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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 weeks and on the go!

 We are loving the Sunshine!

O.k. so I AM. ;)  Puppies may look unimpressed with my method of facing them away from me as I ran across the yard, zoomed in, and took pictures while I recalled them to me. lol  They did GREAT though! Puppy Call = Magic!


Eclipse ~ Black Tri Female
3lbs 2oz @ 5 weeks old
Inky ~ Black Tri Female
4lbs 2oz @ 5 weeks old
Licorice ~ Black Tri Female
4lbs @ 5 weeks old
Carbon ~ Black Tri Male
4lbs 9oz @ 5 weeks old
Shadow ~ Black Tri Female
4lbs 6oz @ 5 weeks old
Blackout ~ Black Tri Male
4lbs 5oz @ 5 weeks old

Donner x Betty Boop

Monday, April 12, 2021

Look Who's 6 Weeks Old!


Mercy is definitely in weaning mode now, 
but her girls are super chunky and loving kibble so the time is right. ;)
This video is from this morning which was their first time out on the deck to explore and play.

Blue Merle Female
5lbs 3oz @ 6 weeks old

Black Tri Female
4lbs 6oz @ 6 weeks old

Blue Merle Female
5lbs 9oz @ 6 weeks old

Goose x Cupid Pups Turn 7 weeks old


Blue Merle Male
7lbs 8oz @ 7 weeks old

Blue Merle Male
7lbs 13oz @ 7 weeks old

Red Tri Female
6lbs 9oz @ 7 weeks old

Blue Merle Male
6lbs 14oz @ 7 weeks old

Black Tri Female
6lbs 7oz @ 7 weeks old

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

3 Weeks & Growing Strong!

 Betty Boop's Troops are getting fiesty and fun!  They are getting introduced to some soaked kibble and expanded play spaces this week and I can't wait to start some fun video clips of them because they are hilarious!

*All puppies reserved

Girl ~ 2lbs @ 3 weeks old

Girl ~ 2lbs 13oz @ 3 weeks old

Girl ~ 2lbs 11oz @ 3 weeks old

Boy ~ 2lbs 12oz @ 3 weeks old

Girl ~ 2lbs 13oz @ 3 weeks old

Boy ~ 2lbs 11oz @ 3 weeks old

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Social Creatures have emerged! Raine x Mercy

 Mercy's girls are starting to see out human interaction more, especially since mom is enjoying spending more 'time off'.  They are being introduced to some soft food and are rocking the litter box training!

* All puppies reserved

Sky is 3lbs 7oz @ 4 weeks old

Mya is 2lbs 12oz @ 4 weeks old

Zen is 3lbs 7oz @ 4 weeks old

Saturday, March 27, 2021

5 Weeks Old!! Cupid's Troops

 I Absolutely LOVE outdoor pictures!

These pups are rockstars what can I say. They do great with nail trimming, they mand well for a snacky (if I am fast enough), they are pretty good about potty places, box or grass mat.  I don't know if it is the litter size or what but I think they are PERFECT! 

Cupid absolutely adores them, but she has begun weaning. She always has an 'escape' route so it is totally sweet and non-confrontational. She is a very kind mom who LOVES to play.